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Drabble: A Change in the Wind

  • Jan. 24th, 2013 at 6:10 PM
Title: Drabble: “A Change in the Wind”
Author: phoenix_9664
Rating: G
A/N: A response to the blackpearlsails challenge “Wind”

The two disgruntled crew members came to Gibbs. “Are you sayin’ she’ll be sailing with us on a permanent basis?”

“Expect so, lads.”

“But . . . she’s a woman!”

Gibbs’ eyes rolled as the breeze stiffened. “Very observant, gentlemen. I think the captain may have noticed as well.”

“But every pirate knows ‘tis the worst luck to have a woman on board! Ye’ve said it yourself, Mr. Gibbs!”

“That I have. In days gone by it were Jack Sparrow’s creed as well.”

“Then she’s witched him, sure!”

Gibbs smiled. “Witched, says you. A change in the wind, says I.”