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A Pirates of the Caribbean Drabble Community
Welcome to PotC Drabbles!

This comm exists to inspire you.

Prompts are posted weekly. If you are moved to write, huzzah! If not, don't worry about it. You never know, maybe a prompt will gestate in your brain and surprise you in a few weeks or months or years. That's what this is all about.

A drabble is 100 words. Try to stick to that, because it's an excellent exercise in editing your writing. Think of it as solving a puzzle!

If you absolutely can't manage 100, try for 200, or 150, or some other round number. You can do it.

If you wind up with a full-size story or even a 50,000 word novel, screw the rules (such as they are). Share it!

THE RULES, such as they are:

• All drabbles (100 words) are welcome, whether you got the prompt here or from another comm or from your own imagination. (If another comm, please link to it.)

• All writing is welcome, drabble or not, if it was inspired by a prompt from this comm.

• Member-submitted prompts are welcome, but don't be sad if you get no takers. See above, re gestation. We are here to serve.

• Slash, het, gen, AU, all are welcome.

• Anything not-work-safe or longer than 100 words needs to go behind a cut.

• There are no deadlines. Write for any prompt any time. See all prompts here, or just click the !prompt tag.

• Please indicate (in an author's note) which prompt you have written for.

• Any writing you post must have something to do with the PotC movies and/or characters.

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